When Things Went All Wrong :(

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Have you ever felt that people started to suspect you being the reason of something even though you are clueless & innocent? 
They wanted to blame you, but they don't do it directly... leaving you with such unpleasant feeling... have you felt that?
Have you ever tried to impress people, but they don't really care?
Have you tried to explain about matters with no intention to start any conflict but you end up in an argument?
Have you ever felt that in whatever you did, people just didn't notice that you are visible & exist? 
Have you encountered some girls who seemed so sweet like they could be your BFF but they are actually another form of evil?
It sucks...


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Love Is Magic, Don't You Think?

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Hey peeps! Semacam ja kan tajuk entri ni? Haha! IKR! Entah apa laa yang sampuk sampai tetiba terbitnya ilham nak tulis entri macam ni. 

Well, it's a natural feeling maa. It's kinda weird since the last time, maybe dah 7 years ago kot. Then I officially declared tak nak lagi. Yes, tak nak! I wanna be a freak single lady who devote my entire life saving animals. Can I?

I've read somewhere that love has no reason. Well yeah I kinda agree with that. Because I don't have a reason to like that guy. No reason at all! Love? I don't know, it's too early but the feeling that I have towards him memang not the same feeling yang ada towards other guys. Even though there are a few guys yang treat me nicely, but why him? Haiyooooo...how could that happened?

Honestly, I don't know. It's really really weird. The more I tried to forget him, the more likely for me to remember him. I think about him all the time, even when I was driving! He drives me crazy indeed. LOL!

I don't know what makes me like him that much. He's rough, he did hurt my feelings couple of times, he is unpredictable & may act spontaneously which may lead to  silly & stupid consequences at times. His words, alahai, can make my heart shrink. 

Why does he can't just get out off my head? Why? Why? Why?

But, one of the things about him that touched my heart is that, he loves cats. He has these beautiful photos of him with his cat. Very cute!

To be honest, it's very hard for me to like someone that much. VERY.  I don't fall in love that easy. But if I did, that's iNt.

Sadly, he doesn't have the same feeling as I do. He did tell me that. I respect his decision. Hey, we can't force someone to give something in return, right? That is why I am trying very hard to dump that feeling far far away...please wish me luck. Haha!

But, I do feel grateful about something. Yes , I do! At least I know that I'm a normal person with feelings & emotions towards human being with the opposite gender. Yay!!!

And this song tells pretty much about how I feel right now...


Maybe he doesn't know that I care, but I do. I just don't show it. He may not read this. But I do wish the best in his life. 

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